Dental Implants Lead From SEO For Dentist

Dentistry has really come a long way, and you’d be surprised at the advanced methods that are used to fix big problems. In this case, you are considering a dental implants procedure to fill up the missing teeth or tooth. However, you aCosmectic Dentist Houstonre not really sure how it works and what is supposed to happen. What you do probably know is that implants can stay with you for twenty plus years if you treat them right, and they look perfectly natural. The only question is, how do dentists do it?

1. The Assessment

The first step is to speak with a dentist that offers a dental implants procedure. In fact, you can consult with a few just to make sure you are choosing the right one.

The initial consultation with the Cosmetic Dentist New York City will take into account several things. The first is whether there is enough bone to support the implant and if bone grafting might be necessary. Due to the bone loss that happens after a tooth goes missing, waiting too long to get the implant means less bone to work with.

2. The Titanium Screw

Assuming you and your dentist agree the implants can be done, another appointment will be scheduled. But in this appointment, you will be getting the first part of the implant, namely the titanium screw. Why titanium and why a screw?

Seeing as the screw is going to bond with your jawbone, it’s important that the material of the screw is strong and that it doesn’t cause complications. Titanium is that material and the screw gets implanted right up to your jawbone.

3. Healing From The Procedure

Before the tooth can be placed on the screw, you need to wait a few months for the healing to take place. More specifically, the dentist will check whether the screw bonded properly with the bone.

4. Placing The ToothCosmectic Dentist New York City

If the bonding process was successful, the Cosmetic Dentist Houston will fix a crown on top of the screw. And don’t worry, the base of the screw is beneath the gumline and can’t be seen.

Once the screw has been fixed, it will look like you got your tooth back. Plus, the dentist can make it fit with the shape and size of your other teeth.

5. Enjoy Your New Teeth

Overall, you are looking at a time period of three to six months for the dental implants procedure to be complete. But afterward, you will only be going to the dentist for regular checkups.

Unlike with dentures, there won’t be any need to make adjustments due to bone loss and the tooth isn’t going anywhere if you take care of it.

Can Everyone Get Implants?

Unfortunately, there are some individuals who will be better off taking an alternative option. But for the most part, people typically qualify for the procedure if the jawbone allows it.

So, if you have been feeling self-conscious because of your “missing” smile, get dental implants to fill in the gap If you a re a dentist needing to get client like this from good leads from a SEO for Dentist.